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Matrix Vinyl Liner Pools

The shape of your future lies sparkling before you. In the glimmering waters you'll find a sparkle as dazzling as the one in your childrens eyes. This is your pool - every inch of it designed exclusively for you.

Imagine a custom designed pool that will stetch your imagination, not your budget. A pool so flexible that it fits in the shape of your life and the contours of your backyard with precision. Now imagine that you can enjoy your pool faster than ever before.

Welcome to the shape of Matrix Pool Systems.

Shape Options

Thanks to Matrix Pool Systems Technology, you can pick from 10 distinctive shapes. If you dont see your dream design, let your Matrix Certified Master Builder know. Matrix Pool Systems can be designed and built to almost any shape you desire.

Liner Options

Matrix Pool Systems come completely customizable right down to the color and design of the liner of your pool. This way, not only does your Matrix pool fit the shape of your yard, but it also fits the shape of you.